Lower Limb Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotic Prescription

Chartered Physiotherapists have specific expertise in the Biomechanical Assessment and Treatment of Lower Limb Conditions. This is particularly important for individuals who may be experiencing pain/stiffness/discomfort in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet

This Assessment involves taking a thorough history including questions about how long these symptoms have been present, what triggered the symptoms, any changes in footwear, what kind of activities make the pain or stiffness worse.  After this then a full assessment is done looking at how the person is standing (posture), range of movement in all joints from hips to feet, testing of power and flexibility in all specific muscle groups.  

Sometimes Low Back Pain can occur if the mechanics of the lower limbs are not working in the most optimal way.

Often an imbalance in the biomechanics of the lower limb will become more obvious and may result in pain and discomfort when an individual either takes up a new sport, returns to an existing hobby/sport but at a more competitive or intensive level. Biomechanical difficulties can also occur with a change in working environments, birth defects to the foot/ankle etc

Children can also develop such problems as "flat feet" "fallen arches" or "toe-walking".  All these conditions benefit greatly from being assessed and treated by a Chartered Physiotherapist  

What can be done if my biomechanics are altered?

Chartered Physiotherapists are specialists in the prescription and fitting of orthotics.

What are orthotics/INSOLES?

These are custom made devices that support your feet and lower limbs into a better mechanical position while wearing shoes/trainers.  We can also prescribe orthotics for all sporting footwear be that hurling, football, soceer,golf.  Wellington Boots, Hard Dancing Shoes, High Heels and even sandals can be fitted with an orthotic device.  There are many different types of orthotic/insole devices available and your Chartered Physiotherapist will work with you to ensure you get the best one for your specific needs, while at the same time ensuring it is as cost-effective as possible. 

Will that sort my problem?

During the course of your biomechanical assessment any muscle weakness, restrictions etc will be highlighted to you by your chartered physiotherapist. A home exercise programme will be prescribed for you which will need to be done in conjunction to wearing your orthotics.  This is to help with pain and injury management as well as enhancing performance.  Combining orthotic prescription with good footwear and an active exercise programme should help avoid further injuries in the future.